• Expertise

    • Crystallizing a compelling vision and setting clear objectives
    • Devising groundbreaking strategies that are inherently actionable
    • Conducting rigorous research to identify cognitive structures to enable change in stakeholder’s awareness, attitudes, opinions or behavior
    • Defining an optimal and sustainable position to increase value, support and the odds of success
    • Testing communications for empirical data to maximize resonance
    • Using the research and planning process to gain internal buy-in
    • Crafting concise plans with measurable objectives, strategies and tactics aligned to resources and timelines
    • Increasing the effectiveness and efficiencies of communications
    • Determining mediums to most effectively reach target audiences
    • Producing campaigns including collateral, print and electronic
    • Establishing a unique online presence to increase brand recognition and value for users by enhancing the user experience
  • Visioning

    A vision is not a PowerPoint template. It is a shared understanding of a better future.
    There is no more important task than determining the right vision and objectives for the future relative to similar organizations. A compelling vision and clear objectives let everyone know how the organization will get from point A to point B, how they can contribute and it makes clear hard work and sacrifice will yield enriched professional and personal benefits.

  • Positioning

    Identifying the optimal position for a sustainable advantage is the closest thing a company or organization will ever have to a guarantee for success.
    Positioning is the act of determining a differentiated place to occupy in people’s minds. When an organization does not hold a unique position relative to similar organizations, their value and benefits will not be fully recognized.
    For example, both Walmart and Neiman Marcus are retailers that sell many of the same products, such as clothes, jewelry and cosmetics. Yet consumers understand them to provide very different levels of quality, service and cost. Consequently, they hold very different "positions" in consumers’ minds.
    “The key is to 'position' your company in your market as the only option your prospect would ever even THINK of doing business with, or referring to others.” - Bob Burg

  • Messaging and Visuals

    Consumers and stakeholders gain understanding of an organization through communications (messages and visuals) and experiences over time resulting in a cognitive structure (how your brain organizes and processes information). Harmonic conducts rigorous research to identify cognitive structures to create messages and visuals that resonate the most with target audiences to change their awareness, attitudes, opinions or behavior.
    For example, Harmonic’s research revealed if NASA’s message was “NASA will go to the Moon, Mars and beyond,” public support stood at 42%. If the message became “NASA will go to the Moon, Mars and beyond to explore the universe to find answers to life’s big questions,” support rose to 86%.

  • Planning and Metrics

    Jack Welch said, “I don’t want planning, I want plans.”
    Harmonic crafts concise, timely plans with measurable objectives, strategies and tactics aligned to resources and timelines. Harmonic has an impressive track record of uncovering breakthrough strategies and new ideas in the planning process.
    We provide clear methodologies and baselines for measurement, to gauge progress and adjust plans accordingly because as the military likes to say, “no plan survives first contact with the enemy.” Every dollar spent should be a lesson learned to become more effective and efficient. The end goal is to have a higher degree of certainty your organization's objectives are being met.

  • Inspired Research

    The problem with most research and all polls is they tell you what people thought yesterday. It's like driving a car using only a rearview mirror. It doesn't uncover how people process information, their unconscious or emotional associations, cultural biases or how they interact and learn, leaving you with more questions than answers.
    Harmonic provides research of a higher order. With Harmonic, numbers are just the beginning. We believe that research is not just about finding the facts, research is about people and finding out what makes them tick.
    Whether your organization is new to the market, needs to transform to capture an unmet need, reposition for greater effectiveness and recognition, raise awareness or change attitudes, opinions or behaviors, Harmonic provides clients with insights to give organizations a sustainable competitive advantage.

  • MediaWatch

    MediaWatch provides a comprehensive platform for the semantic analysis of big data, with a special focus on news and social media. To assess the positioning of an organization and the effectiveness of its communications, the platform captures and aggregates large archives of digital content, processing millions of documents and user comments from news media, blogs, Web 2.0 platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), the websites of companies and NGOs and a variety of other online sources.
    Visual user interfaces with interactive trend charts not only show how often, in what media and where information is published, but also provides a real-time account of topics that target audiences associate with an organization, its products or services. The positive and negative sentiment of documents is automatically detected, which reveals the impact of public relations and marketing campaigns on specific audiences. Check out MediaWatch in action at www.ecoresearch.net/climate.