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  • "Harmonic was instrumental in creating a fundamental change in the way NASA conducts communications activities. Their background work and scientific survey data provided us with the information to create a much more strategic approach toward how we describe our vision. Their work ultimately resulted in a reorganization of our congressional, public affairs, and international relations organizations around a new centralized approach based on strategic communications."

    - Gary Martin,

    Space Architect


  • "Robin-Marie Williams was able to take charge of a difficult situation with multiple internal and external constituents. She pulled together leaders from diverse sectors and forged a common vision and direction."

    - Kathleen Dezio

    Director of Communications

    Sunrise Assisted Living

  • "Robin-Marie Williams is a skilled strategic thinker who challenged our assumptions, got us out of our comfort zone, and inspired us to articulate our future for the very first time. Harmonic deftly guided us through strategic planning sessions, offering a results-oriented framework for our leading-edge think tank."

    - Bill Ivey


    The Curb Center for Art, Enterprise and Public Policy, Vanderbilt University

  • "As Assistant Administrator for Public Affairs, I originally had my doubts as to the value of Harmonic International’s efforts. However, when I saw the results of their data I understood the value of their work. Armed with the data driven messages and advice on communications we were able to develop an integrated and cohesive message regarding the Nation’s “Vision for Space Exploration” that the American people readily understood and appreciated. Also, armed with their advice we were able to better control duplicative and wasteful communications efforts."

    - Glenn Mahone

    Assistant Administrator for Public Affairs


  • "In my more than 20 years of Government Service, Harmonic was the most responsive contractor with whom I have ever worked."

    - June Edwards

    SES U.S. Strategic Command

    Department of Defense

  • "Harmonic International provided NASA Aeronautics with positive ideas, strategies and tactics during a difficult transition period. As Associate Administrator for Aeronautics, their principal value to me in this regard was the fact that their advice was backed up with real data, rather than anecdotal opinion. With their assistance, we were able to address several key challenges, including improving our communications with our customers and stakeholders. Harmonic provided results when we most needed them."

    - Dr. J. Victor Lebacqz

    Former Associate Administrator for Aeronautics Enterpise


  • "Harmonic provided a key perspective, at a critical time, that enabled the GISC to bridge a gap in our analytic effort as we worked to solve one of the Command's toughest problems. Their professionalism and ability to react quickly in the dynamic defense environment enhanced our mission capability."

    - Captain Steven Ashworth,

  • "They demonstrated a profound understanding of our business, and of our customers’ needs and interests. The process delivered critical strategic insights that we used to create highly successful marketing programs."

    - Steve Abrahamson

    General Manager

    Capital One

  • "The Harmonic International Team provided the intellectual capital, research, and savvy to recraft our client messages, track and evaluate our messaging, and reshape our vision to provide the innovation and thought leadership required to support our clients at US Strategic Command's Global Innovation and Strategy Center. Robin-Marie brought a internationally focused team with the ability to learn our mission, research our client's insights into our performance, and provide us with a way ahead which improved our performance and contributed to our clients' successes."

    - Bryan S. Quint

    Program Manager, Alliance Team

    Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.

  • "Harmonic International's research-based strategy for improving NOAA's communications put the agency on a new course for defining itself and improving public awareness of its products and services. Harmonic produced creative solutions backed by data that earned acceptance of their recommendations by NOAA's senior scientists. Throughout the execution of this project Harmonic's principals have been accessible, responsive and quick to adapt to changing circumstances. Their familiarity with government processes made a significant contribution to expediting the interagency approvals we needed to conduct critical research."

    - Anson Franklin

    Director of Communications


  • "Harmonic provided NASA with the rarest of opportunities in Government – the tools and road map to exponentially increase the effectiveness of our communications with our various stakeholders while reducing redundancy and waste. It helped us refine our legislative message in support of the 'Nation's Vision for Space Exploration'. Their efforts played no small part in the public and Congressional support for NASA and the ‘Vision for Space Exploration."

    - Lee Forsgren

    Former Associate Administrator for Legislative Affairs


  • "Robin-Marie Williams was instrumental in leading strategy sessions to develop a vision, a voice and a core set of messages for the global venture, between AT&T and BT which spanned 31 markets."

    - Cathy Melcher

    Former Concert Marketing Director


  • "Robin demonstrates a passion for what she does, and a powerful commitment to get the job done well, completely and with a richness that is quite unique. But far more than that, she has the ability to maintain a laser-like focus on the task at hand, keeping all those around her motivated, focused and committed to not only getting the job done but getting it done in a way that delights the client. She has my highest recommendation."

    - Dr. Steven Shepard, PhD


    Shepard Communications Group, LLC

  • "My overall assessment of Robin Marie's work was OUTSTANDING in all respects. Robin Marie is intelligent, articulate, insightful and intensely hardworking. She is business and client focused. She is able to lead but also to take direction and listen to constructive comments, while retaining an independent point of view and disagree when appropriate. She has high intellectual and business integrity. She is clearly highly respected by her colleagues. Possibly most importantly, all the projects we worked on together met or surpassed challenging business goals and budget targets. In one case a key strategic insight lead to a 32% increase in credit card acquisitions."

    - Chris Carey

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Capital One Financial

  • "There is smart, and then there's Robin smart. If you believe that there is value in a outsider looking in and constructively pointing out all the opportunities that you are not seeing, all the assets you are underutilizing and the institutional barriers that are stopping you from reaching your goals, then call Robin. She'll likely add a creative spark that gets everyone firing on all cylinders, too."

    - Sergei Kuharsky

    General Manager, New Enterprises

    Food Network

  • "Data is especially meaningful in a scientific organization like NOAA. Harmonic conducted research that told us a great deal about ourselves, how we work as an organization, and how we are perceived by those who use NOAA services. They used the information to develop a plan that brought strategic focus to NOAA's efforts to educate the American people about the importance of our products and services to their lives and livelihoods."

    - Admiral Lautenbacher

    Former Director


  • "Harmonic provided NASA with the research data that helped shape the 'Nation's Vision for Space Exploration', clarify it for Congress and communicate it to industry and the American public. This type of data driven approach to strategic communication which is so important in business is beneficial for public policy as well."

    - Dean O’Keefe

    Former Director