• Vision

    Harmonic International provides breakthrough strategies through quantifiable knowledge that allows organizations to act and react with an extraordinary degree of certainty obtained through incomparable strategic positioning, planning and research.

  • Mission

    Harmonic International helps companies articulate their vision, align their objectives and achieve their goals by harnessing proprietary techniques in strategic positioning, planning and messaging to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Core Values

    • We recognize our clients, armed with our strategies, often change the world.
    • Any problem and challenge can be broken down, prioritized and solved.
    • It is essential to identify, embrace and drive change.
    • Be passionate, focused and determined.
    • Possess integrity, express strong opinions and dare to tell the truth.
    • Be outcome-oriented. Always.
    • Have loyalty to the client, the company and each other.
    • Use the best resources and actively pursue growth and learning.
    • Ensure solutions are substantiated with research and based in fact.
    • Keep an open mind, think without boundaries and explore every possibility.
  • Philosophy

    • Create sustainable advantages, not incremental gains
    • Key decision makers must be part of the process
    • Together, our team and your key stakeholders reach strategic consensus
    • Consensus ≠ an average of opinions
    • Strong opinions and controversy are good
    • Employee buy-in is critical, they embody your brand
    • Tie findings and opportunities back to the customer and communications
    • Test twice, launch once
    • Keep the process moving
  • History

    Before striking out on their own, the principals of Harmonic International formed the research and strategic planning group of a $1.5 billion Madison Avenue advertising agency. There, they innovated a research-based, strategic positioning process called Future Focus, which fueled the record breaking launch of Sprint PCS and achieved similar success for other private sector clients. Harmonic declared independence in 2002 and has since applied its strategic acumen to a wide range of corporations and organizations, including AT&T, Capital One, NASA, NOAA, DoD and two White House Administrations, providing concise strategy to overcome their most critical organizational challenges and realize their visions.